our commitments

At CGP Europe, we are proud of our commitments and strive to live up to them every day. We believe that responsible work ethic is the key to success.

Our Working Production Ethic

We are a family business for which proximity and trust with our employees is the priority for a work environment in the respect of the other. We allow our employees to flourish in an autonomous context in which each one deals with their responsibilities. This encourages the personal involvement of each person while cultivating a sense of self-worth.

Responsible Materials

During our research we chose to create a product that is made from recyclable and sustainable materials.

It was important for us to produce a product that reflects our convictions. It is possible to reuse our production materials in order to reduce pollution in the long term. To date, we produce 5 tons of recyclable material per year and have a goal of 10 to 20 tons of recyclable potential within the next 5 years.

We are also committed to finding alternatives to pollution-causing consumption, such as the exclusive use of electric cars to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Customer Working Ethic

We guarantee to our customers a proper reception of our products everywhere in the world, with delivery services started within 24/48 hours. We are already ensuring that all our products are unitarily and rigorously checked after they are manufactured.

Moreover, when we started our research and development in centers and laboratories in 2013, we wanted above all to offer an optimal and secure product. That’s why we focused on the comfort of our customers by offering a material that does not produce dust, which therefore does not create respiratory discomfort for machine operators when using our product.