About Us

CGP Europe manufactures a complete line of high quality, innovative tooling materials used in the thermoforming industry.

CGP offers custom casting and cutting services to customers and continues to work with plastic suppliers, university research centers and software simulation companies to develop products that meet and advance the needs of the thermoforming industry.

With more than 18 years expertise in materials development and use of syntactic foam, we assure customers of cost effective solutions for all levels of requirements.

→   10 years of Exclusive sales and developpement for Europe with CMT Materials

→   8 years of Sales developpement for the Europe and Asia with production in France



1 Rue des Epinettes, ZI Sud

77200 Torcy


Tel: +33 1 60 05 63 63

Email: cgpeurope@free.fr

CGP Europe, 1 rue des Epinettes Torcy 77200